Advertise Used Cars

Car dealers can advertise used cars on with minimal fuss. now makes it affordable for smaller car dealers to get access to online leads thus allowing you to grow your business. This website allows you as a car dealer to upload upto 100 cars as you want and anytime you want to. Then we do the marketing via our in-house marketing team Web2Go. So all you need to do is sit back and wait for people to contact you.

Why Choose to sell your cars?

  • It is cost effective to advertise used cars
  • It is efficient for car dealers
  • You can post¬†upto 100 cars
  • Load cars from your PC or directly from your Smartphone
  • We bring leads to you
  • It is Affordable!

How does it work?

As a car dealer you can sign up with at an affordable monthly rate.

When you sign up:

  • A client login will be allocated to you.
  • You will receive training on how to upload the cars to the website.
  • Then you can load your cars on

Then leave it to us! We will market the website and cars on your behalf.

advertise used cars is




So get in touch with us on 087  654 3344

Car Sales Advert Tips:

In order to sell your cars, we suggest the following tips.

  • Take clear photos of the car such as the inside, front, side and back of the car.
  • Take the photos in landscape orientation and as straight as possible.
  • Add a complete heading with the make, model, price and mileage.
  • All vehicle details should be completed.
  • Add a full description of the car with as much information as possible so consider what questions the buyer might ask and preempt the answers in the description.
  • Add as many vehicle features to entice the buyer.